Sekonic L-308X

Sunny 16: Shoot without a light meter

A guide to reading light with your eyes, without the need of a light meter

50mm, the perfect lens

One of the most used focal lengths, will be the right one for you too?

Traliccio elettrico arrugginito

Ilford HP5 Plus

Review of one of the most iconic b&w film stock out there…

Manuale d'uso della Mamiya RZ67 Pro II

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II

Review of “the giant”: The Mamiya RZ67 Pro II

Interno di una Fiat Dino

How to develop black & white film at home

An in-depth guide to developing black & white film at home

Nikon L35AD in mano

Nikon L35AD

Review of the “Pikaichi”, the little point and shoot gem from Nikon

Foto di una macchina abbandonata, scattata con la Mamiya RZ67 Pro II

Lomography CN 400

Review of one of the cheapest color negative film on the market

Nikon F2

Nikon F2

Review of an icon of analog photography: The Nikon F2

Ragazzo con casco da moto

How To Scan Negatives

An in depth guide on how to get the best results scanning your negatives

foto di una mano scattata con mamiya rz67

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II & Rapid Box

A portrait session in the studio, to test the “new entry”…